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Yoruba Beaded Chair

These intricately beaded chairs were originally created to be thrones for Yoruba kings and queens, and their direct ascendents. Now they are created to be sold, but the beadwork remains intricate and colorful. Yoruba artists are known for their beautiful bead-work, including garments, fly whisks, staffs and thrones. Historically, this has been a male-dominated craft, and artists would be trained by their fathers, or male relatives.

The artist composed a design of vines with leaves, flowers, birds, elephants, lions, and geometric shapes. They used black beads as the background, and decorated it with green, yellow, and red beads. The beads are secured to a cotton lined chair.

Circa: 21st century

Origin: Nigeria

Material: Glass Beads

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 37" tall, 26" wide, 24" deep

Inventory number: FR1460



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