Yoruba ThroneYoruba ThroneYoruba ThroneYoruba ThroneYoruba ThroneYoruba Throne

Yoruba Beaded Throne

This is a Yoruba beaded throne was made in Nigeria in the 21st century. It is a wooden chair that has been covered by panels of beaded fabric.

The artist composed a design of potted flowers, trees of life, and geometric lozenge shapes in green, red, black, and yellow glass beads on a background of white glass beads.

Yoruba artists are known for their beautiful bead-work, including garments, fly whisks, staffs and thrones. Historically, this has been a male-dominated craft, and artists would be trained by their fathers, or male relatives.

Circa: 21st Century

Origin: Nigeria

Material: Glass Beads, Wood, Fabric

Condition: Good

Dimensions: Height: 39 inches, Width: 26 inches, Depth: 25 inches

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