Yoruba ThroneYoruba ThroneYoruba ThroneYoruba ThroneYoruba ThroneYoruba Throne

Beaded Red Throne

Yoruba Glass beaded throne. Made with sewn on panels of glass beads on a red background depicting lions, elephants and other unknown creatures, all around the back and sides. Green,blue, black, white and yellow outlined geometric shapes on front and seat . Traditionally Yoruba bead work was made by male specialists trained by their fathers or male relatives. The techniques for sewing beads to three dimensional formats are closely guarded and only the most talented workers would be sought out for the making of these thrones..

Circa: 21st century

Origin: Nigeria

Material: Glass beads, wood, fabric

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 39" x 26" x 28"

Inventory number: FR1438



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