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Ottoman Prayer Arch

A prayer arch such as this would be hung on the wall or would be rolled out on the floor, pointing in the direction of Mecca. Wall prayer arches would be typically made of less sturdy material, whereas floor mats would be made of wool, cane, or felt such as this example.

The design shows a central urn hanging with flowers springing up from it.  Not heavily embellished, the urn sits under an arch consisting of meandering vines in green and red accents, with a cornucopia containing flower sprays at the bottom of arches.  Borders of meandering vines.

The handwork is executed in chain-stitched polychrome silk and couched metallic thread.

Circa: 19th Century

Origin: Ottoman Balkan region

Material: Felt, silk and metallic thread

Condition: Few small stains, very good condition

Dimensions: 61" L X 35" W

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