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Romanian Ceremonial Coat

This unique and dazzling coat is made of wool with metallic embroidery, silk embroidered applique, metallic fringe and sequins. The interior lining is cotton, and the edges and sleeves were once lined with rabbit fur in poor condition. It is now faux fur and can be closed using hidden hooks or four toggles.
The Romanian National Party was established in the 1880’s in order to raise the profile and representation of its people in the parliament. Later on in the 1920’s when Romania was independent it was part of the governing coalition. One of the areas for establishing the identity were the regional costumes. This coat is part of that effort and obviously ceremonial. Some of the features have symbolism significant to Romania.

Circa: 20th Century

Origin: Romania

Material: Wool with silk embroidery, metallic thread, sequins, faux fur, and glass beads

Condition: Very Good

Dimensions: Waist- 44", Chest- 42", Hip- 60", Length (sleeves)- 22", Overall Length- 34"

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