Nasrid Revival Center Table

The Nasrid Dynasty founded by Muhammad  of Ayona 1232-73 who ruled Granada and the territory of Andalusia for over two hundred years and oversaw splendid artistic patronage.  The Nasrids developed a sophisticated visual language based on complex geometric designs in architecture, ceramics, and furniture which they exported from Spain throughout Europe. A cultural synthesis occurred with the integration of Islamic decorative elements into the European Christian culture.

This inlaid marquetry table is an exemplary example of the luxurious micromosaic furniture that flourished in Spain specifically Granada at the time. The table is set with a repeat inset design of geometric steller compositions.  The sides embellished with individual pierced arched freeze in the Hispano-Moresque style. The polygon top is inlaid with bone and various woods in marquetry.

Circa: 19th c.

Origin: Spain

Material: Wood with inlay of bone, wood

Condition: Excellent condition

Dimensions: 26 " X 29"

Inventory number: FR1450



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