Inlaid TabouretsInlaid TabouretsInlaid TabouretsInlaid TabouretsInlaid Tabourets

Inlaid Tabourets

These inlaid tabourets are octagonal low tables from Syria that feature marquetry made of wood, bone, mother-of-pearl, and tortoise shell. The tabletops are decorated in a concentric design with geometrical motifs, with leafy designs on the arches between the legs.

Available individually or as a set. Individual price $3,750, set $7,500.

Circa: 20th century

Origin: Syria

Material: Wood with inlay of bone, wood, seashell and tortoiseshell

Condition: very good

Dimensions: 22" x 17" x 17"

Inventory number: FR-1443-1444


This is a beautiful pair of inlaid tabourets from Syria feature marquetry made from wood, bone, mother-of-pearl, and tortoise shell.


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