Indigo Patterned Sarong

Javanese sarong patterned in hand stamped wax resist, a technique similar to the Indian Kalamkari .The design was applied using hand carved stamps that were parts of a larger stamping tool that provided efficiency and proper spacing. Here the stamping was applied to a white tabby cotton which was then dyed in beautiful indigo. Once boiled and washed, the stamped designs lost the wax and reverted to white. Three stamp motifs ; round, square and diamond shapes that are further filed with geometrical and biomorphic all elements. Borders of stripes with some cracking patterns.



Circa: 19th century

Origin: Java, Indonesia

Material: Cotton

Condition: Subtle fading in a small area as seen in photo. Very Good

Dimensions: 104" x 34"

Inventory number: TX4994



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