Calligraphic Batik

Batik is Indonesia’s traditional fabric and Jakarta is well known as one of its largest production centers.  While Indonesia is a largely Muslim country, arabic script is not used there and the script on this batik is imitative and does not mean anything.  The same holds true for the linear edging imitating fringe.

Batik cap is:  block printed, with the resist-dye process in which wax or rice paste is applied onto the cotton.  The various coatings act as dye resists, and leave patterns in the fabric’s original color when removed.

Whether intended for ceremonial events, conveying religious ideas, or private use, these textiles were specific to their setting and occasions.  This style of Batik is highly collectible due to its stylized Arabic inscriptions.





Circa: late 19th c.

Origin: Indonesia

Material: Cotton

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 41" X 88"

Inventory number: TX4733



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