Indian Large Scale Papier-Mache Busts

In traditional Indian society, there was no sharp distinction between “art” and “craft”.  The Indian craftsman perceives his creativity, as a divine revelation and not merely as knowledge inherited and perfected over the years.  The very character of Indian artistic manifestation is symbolic and pertains essentially to its intellectual content. Mythological epic tales and dances are regularly enacted and all vary according to the region.

Judging by its fashion details this pair of busts is most likely from Rajasthhan.  The faces are depicted with highly stylized eyes executed in a swift black brush stroke tending to almost reach the temples of the face of the busts. Pigment painting on papier-mâché.

Circa: Mid. 20th century

Origin: India

Material: Painted Papier Mache

Condition: Good antique condition

Dimensions: 14" X 12" X 9"

Inventory number: DL1050



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