Ikat Rebozo

The rebozo together with the poncho, huipil and serape is one of the main components of the traditional wear of Mexican women. It has dual function; to provide warmth when worn and as a carrying aid. With its origins both indigenous and Spanish colonial, it is a cross between a shawl and a scarf and it could be made of silk, cotton, wool or rayon. It is a rectangle decorated with a warp faced ikat design. The long warp ends are hand tied in complicated patterns into continuous fringes. The finest silk rebozos are so thin they could pass through a wedding band. Stylistically rebozos are divided into three groups- the traditional with delicate feather like ikat patterning, the regional with unique patterns for different regions and the contemporary made with a stylistic liberty. This rebozo is made of ikat-dyed pink and black thread woven with grey to produce a subtle pattern that terminates in beautiful open-work weaving and tassels.

Circa: early 20th century

Origin: Mexico

Material: Rayon

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 31" x 113"

Inventory number: TX4479



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