Guatemalan Hair Ribbon

Until the 1950s hair ribbons, or cinta, were a part of every day dress in Guatemala. Weavers, or cinteros, would weave specific patterns and styles to allude to the specific towns and villages in the highlands. The town of Totonicapán was known in the 19th century for their beautiful woven textiles and clothing. This piece is from that town due to its red center and weft-faced designs throughout. The headband has images of human figures and animals, and the ends are complete with polychromatic silk threads.

These headbands were woven on a headband loom, which may have originated in Guatemala based on some of the unique features. It allowed the weaver to manipulate the weft using the loom to achieve angles other than right angles. It is made of silk.

Circa: 20th C

Origin: Guatemala

Material: Silk

Condition: Very Good

Dimensions: 129" x 1.5"

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