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Embroidered Wall Hanging

Sumptuous and monumental in size, this French tapestry embroidery wall hanging was made in France in the first half of the 18th century and judging by its height most likely commissioned by the royal court.

Embroidery remained the means of decorating large scale furnishings during the first half of the century, although it lost ground to the fashionable wall coverings of silk and wallpaper later on.

The style is rococo,with typical lush naturalism to its leaves and flowers , is most reminiscent of the Aubusson rugs of the period.The typical rococo design would incorporate bird cages, doves, garlands, ribbons, partridges with chicks, musical instruments, baskets of flowers and rose entwined columns. It was the prevalent design of Louis XVI’s court.The most famous textile designers of this perion were Revel and Lasalle, Maire-Antoinette’s favorite.

Moiré and chiné were invented in this period. Chiné being an ikat like fabric , not resist dyed but rather stamped on the warp while it is on the loom. In Moiré which is used as the ground material in this wall hanging the fabric is folded double and pressed with a roller to obtain a watered effect.
The handwork of this French Tapestry is obviously the handwork of many, features a variety of gold and silver based ribbons and metal wrapped threads applied in a variety of stitchwork,couching and laid work. Some areas built to appear three dimensional. The polychrome silk embroidery is executed in long and short and stem stitches.

De-aquisitioned by the Chrysler Museum in Virginia.

Circa: 18th century

Origin: France

Material: silk and metallic thread embroidered on silk moire

Condition: Good condition. Restored, stabilized and backed.

Dimensions: 135" x 69"

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