Embroidered Silk Coverlet

Castello Branco embroideries have been produced by a small factory run by nuns. Usually these embroideries take the form of bedspreads and as such were expensive and commissioned by the wealthy. Both stylistically and technically Castello Branco textiles have a wide range of influences, India and China as well as Christian symbolism. A tree of life or a vase with flowers is usually at center with flowers all around. Peonies, Lotuses, chrysanthemums and plum blossoms represent the four seasons. Many times there are figures, birds, coats of arm and other elements.The stitch work includes long and short , fly and feather stitches but mostly the slack stitch which is a couched,very long satin stitch. This stitch results in large areas that reflect the light and contribute to a shimmering effect

Circa: late 18th- early 19th century

Origin: Portugal

Material: silk on silk embroidery

Condition: Some minor stains, generally very good

Dimensions: 64" x 100"

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