Cigarette Silk Panel with Birds

Commonly referred to as “cigarette silks”, these promotional items were actually made of rayon and targeted female smokers, who were encouraged to make things out of them. High-end tobacco companies began to produce them in 1911, but ceased shortly after the onset of World War I, when such expenses were no longer justifiable. Some were inserted into packs of cigarettes or cigars, but most were exchanged for coupons found on various tobacco products.

A vast array of subjects were depicted, including flags, college logos, Native Americans, dancing ladies and various flora and fauna. This composite consists of 25 printed birds, joined with feather stitch embroidery in red yarn and mounted on a wood frame with a yellow cotton backing. The Nebo Cigarettes brand name can be seen along the edge of one of the “silks”.

Circa: 1911-1915

Origin: USA

Material: rayon

Condition: Mounted on a frame. Fair condition with some shattering.

Dimensions: 10" x 9"

Inventory number: TX4401



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