Feather Cape

Circular cape with tapered long ends. A design of two flowering sprigs that originate at the back is on the round top, while the two front ends feature triangular shapes. All done with blue green iridescent feathers against a light brown small turkey feathers. Feathers are sewn onto a coarse cotton foundation and the underside is tufted with eiderdown. Not too many of these capes have survived and their attributed origin is not clear.The iridescent feathers could be kingfisher, which further complicates identification as these had to come from east Asia so they had to be traded. Most likely Canadian Indian from the Great lake region. Other possibility is North Eastern US Iroquois made for tourist item circa 1850. However even today it is a mystery and may not be ethnographic but simply a fashion item.

Circa: mid 19th century

Origin: Great lakes region

Material: Feathers, cotton and eiderdown

Condition: Mounted, very good

Dimensions: 45" x 25" x 7" as mounted

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