Ceremonial Ikat Shawl

The Maya people have a long history with textiles, and according to their traditions, they were taught how to weave by the goddess Ix Chel. Weaving was a revered art form, practiced by women of all social standings, and typically designed specific to their village.

This shawl, or perraje, was made in the town of Quezaltenango in Guatemala by the K’iche’ people. The warp and weft is neutral-colored cotton and polychromatic silk brocade adds color and depth. The weaver used the jaspe technique, also known as ikat, to create their signature patterns and stripes. The designs are all abstract, and the supplementary weft silk brocading creates a checkered design.

Circa: circa 1900

Origin: Totonicapan or Quezaltenango, Guatemala

Material: Silk ikat

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 70" H X 24"W

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