1889 World’s Fair Coat

The 1889 World’s Fair brought millions of visitors from around the world to Paris to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Storming of the Bastille, and the overthrowing of the French Monarchy. This particular fair was also the debut of the Eiffel Tower. Many countries from around the world participated, however, it was boycotted by the countries that had reigning monarchies – one of them being Russia. Although the country didn’t participate, individual designers were sponsored and went themselves, which is likely how this piece wound up in Paris. It would have been shown in the Grand Gallery of Various Industries.

The coat is made from a silk and metallic brocade woven in Russia for the Central Asian market. The identifying label woven into the ground and visible on the right arm reads “фaбpиk Бp. Ж. иC. загловиныхч, Haкгaбнoe серебро 2%” which roughly translates to: Factory Bp. G. & C. [title?], Natural Silver 2%,  indicating that the textile used for this coat was woven in Russia and the metallic threads woven into it are silver. The collar is a bright green velvet and the coat is lined with a colorful cotton chintz, also made in Russia for the Central Asian market. The extra fabric on the back side indicates it could have been worn with a bustle, which was in style at the time.

Circa: 1889

Origin: Russia

Material: Silk, Metallic Thread, Cotton, and Velvet

Condition: Very Good, some repair to the shoulder and wear to the ground

Dimensions: Shoulder to shoulder 13", Length 35", Waist 39"

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