Take a look at the newest items in our extensive collection of museum-quality ethnographica and collectibles.


Explore our antique textile wall hangings, bedspreads and runners, tie-dyes and batiks from Southeast Asia, Chinese brocades and needlepoint, suzanis from Central Asia and an extensive collection of Indian textiles.


Sarajo’s collection of antique ethnic dress includes Chinese Imperial Court robes, Japanese kimonos, Middle Eastern kaftans, Central Asian coats and many other rare finds.


We comb the earth in search of museum-quality Buddhas, Indian reverse glass paintings, Maharaja portraits, mythical Hindu wood-carved figures, Moroccan ceramic jugs and architectural elements such as columns and doors from India.


We carry a carefully selected collection of Islamic inlay and marquetry chests and tables, lacquered and gilt cabinets from Southeast Asia, as well as Chinese and Indian canopy beds.