Zoroastrian Pant Cuff

The Zoroastrian religion, originating in Persia,predates Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is marked by the belief in cosmic war between good and evil and the existence of one god, good and evil and a final judgment. Unlike the Jews and Christians, the Zoroastrians were not considered to be people of the book and were not given the same rights under Islamic law. By the end of the 19th century most Zoroastrians moved from Iran to India. Their dress is most distinctive, partly because they were not allowed to buy cloth by the yard so they utilized remnants and cut-offs. Men had to wear yellow cotton but women were allowed to wear more colorful outfits- large loose shirts reaching to the knees, over voluminous trousers, both made from vertical strips of different colored silk and embroidered with coiled silk in rows of geometrics, fish, birds and other motifs.

Circa: early 19th century

Origin: Iran

Material: silk and cotton

Condition: some faint water stains, some embroidery unravelling, good

Dimensions: 19" x 44"

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