Yet Beaded Kuba Belt

The yet is a particularly spectacular example of royal costume in Africa. This yet consists of six rows of blue and white beads bound to a rope from which twenty four pendants are suspended. The yet is worn by all members of the royal family. It is of such importance that the king displays it on the day he ascends the throne. Other people who may wear yets include regents, the queen mother, children of the king, his designated successor and first ranking notables. The pendants consist of a range of objects. Each object is typically represented twice, one made of cowrie shells and another made of beads, both applied onto woven fiber. Fruit, ram, machette, royal bell and other fantastic shapes are all executed beautifully. A large shell, a rarity in landlocked Zaire is usually included. In this yet, the design of the individual elements and their aesthetic totality reveal an impressive artistic imagination.

Circa: First Half 20th C.

Origin: Zaire

Material: Glass beads, cowrie shells,woven fiber, leather, rope, iron

Condition: Minor loss(one iron piece missing), some disintegration to belt rope, very good

Dimensions: Mounted onto a 46 x 46 frame

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