White Kashmiri Shawl

Kashmiri shawls combine excellent materials, precise technique, and artistic creativity. The wool used comes from the fine winter underhair of Asian goat. It is spun into very fine and thin yarn. The weaving technique is double interlocking twill tapestry which is labor intensive and required small armies to carry out. As their style evolved through the years they can be fairly accurately dated. This fine white shawl was woven around 1805 and its original botehs feature a mass of blooms that are grounded into urns sitting on trays. This shawl is illustrated in the just-released book “Kashmir Shawl, The Tapi Collection” by Cohen, Crill, Levi-Strauss, and Spurr. The Shoestring Publisher, Page 358.

Circa: Circa 1805

Origin: Kashmir

Material: wool

Condition: Very good

Dimensions: 88" x 68"

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