Jamdani work comes from Bengal which nowadays comprises of the Indian state of Bengal and the country of Bangladesh. It is also called Dhaka work referring to the city that was the center of its production.

The Jamdani work is made of cotton. The ground is of one-ply delicate cotton onto which a design, mostly floral, is applied with two-ply cotton in a discontinuous supplementary weft. Each motif is added separately by hand by interlacing the weft threads into the warp using fine bamboo sticks and individual spools of thread.

The whole process is very labor intensive which made Jamdani expensive. The end result is a beautiful and complex mix of different patterns that appear to float on a shimmering surface.

Most Jamdani work is two- or three-toned, white, indigo and/or grey, and in Saree form, making this totally white shawl size more unusual.

Large field of small floral design with four large Botehs in the corners, all framed by a wide border containing similar but larger flowers.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: India

Material: Cotton

Condition: Perfect condition

Dimensions: 46” x 98”

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