Tube Sarong (Patadyong)

The Patadyong is one of the most popular and utilitarian garments in the Philippine culture. The sarong is tubular in shape and comfortable to wear. This extremely versatile garment has many functions, it is  wearable, can be used as an apron, as a cover from rain or sun, for carrying produce, as a curtain, as a hanging or baby carrier. This weaving can also be considered a work of art.

This Patadyong weaving  is not easy to identify due to the receptiveness of Southeast Asians to new ideas and influences from the outside world. There are over 16 million indigenous peoples in the Philippine regions. There are many sources of design identification one being the structure of the cloth and its cultural ceremonial use. This textile is very unique because of its palette and design motif, it is a double sided cotton brocade with a supplementary weave.  We are looking to identify the region or the peoples who created it.


Circa: Mid. 20th century

Origin: Philippines

Material: Cotton

Condition: Light stain visible only on one side, very good

Dimensions: 54" X 23"

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