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Tin Mirror Frame

Mirrors in late 19th century Russia were hard to come by and very expensive, so they were always treated with care. Large mirrors would be hung high off the ground for protection, and then tilted forward so the owners could still see into it. Less wealthy people usually owned smaller mirrors because that was all they could afford. The shutters on this piece could have been added to keep the mirror in good condition. It is also customary in some cultures to cover mirrors during funerals, at night, or when not being used, so the shutters would make this process easy.

This piece is made from molded tin on a wooden base, and then enamel is applied before being baked. The design is a product of the Art Nouveau period, with flowing abstract florals and vines combined with geometric shapes. The style is similar to decorative windows at the time, so the artist could have been heavily influenced by Russian architecture.

This piece does not come with a mirror.

Circa: 1890-1910

Origin: Russia

Material: Tin, Wood, and Enamel

Condition: Good, some chips to the paint and wear to the metal

Dimensions: 11"x8"

Inventory number: FR1464



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