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Tetouan Embroidery

The textiles of Tetouan reflect the history of Tetouan which was a haven for the Jewish and Muslim refugees from Spain that settled it in the 15th century. Therefore designs of Tetouan textiles are a combination of aesthetics from the Hispano-Moresque traditions and later Algerian and Ottoman settlers from the east.

This piece , judging by the three borders, is a hanging or a furniture cover. It is densely embroidered with floral bouquets.The designs are executed from freehand drawings made directly on the fabric.  The double sided embroidery technique is double running stitch, straight stitch, feather stitch and stem stitch, all in rich hued polychrome silk. The floral decorative elements are all framed in black silk.  Style and technique resemble Turkish and Ottoman but have their own definitive style. Up until the late 18th century Tetouan handworks were made on un-dyed muslin or linen, like this piece,  while later work is made on colorful silks or taffetas.




Circa: 18th Century

Origin: Tetouan, Morocco

Material: Silk Embroidery on Linen

Condition: One very small repaired tear to the ground. The richness of the colorsrs and the almost perfect conditiontion are quite exceptional.

Dimensions: 82.5" x 42.5"

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