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Tenugui Patchwork Juban

This unique garment is made of tenugui, or cotton hand towels, that were pieced together to create a kimono. The artist took special care when creating the patchwork design, as seen through the symmetry and placement of the designs. Tenugui is created using the Yuzen technique, or paste-resist dye.

Although they are the same material, the sleeves are the only part not made of tenugui, but of imon-bukuro, or comfort bags. These were bags sent to soldiers in the Japanese army, often containing toiletries, food, and letters of encouragement. The bags were made and put together by schoolgirls or local woman’s societies. The front panel and collar also have some elements that are dyed using the shibori method.

Because of the thinner, more breathable material, this kimono would have been worn in the warmer seasons.

Circa: Early 20th Century

Origin: Japan

Material: Cotton

Condition: Very good, minor staining

Dimensions: 51" sleeve to sleeve, 55" length

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