Tekke Woman’s Chirpy

The Tekke are one of the many tribes inhabiting Turkmenistan. They used to be nomadic but now live mainly in urban areas. They are prolific embroiderers and their handwork is on lavish display on their women’s capes which are called chirpies. A chirpy can be worn over the shoulders as a cape or over the head. Their sleeves are usually vestigial and decorative.  They drape over the back and connected with a small band. The color of the ground material is of great significance; young women wear blue chirpies, married woman wear yellow ones, and the rarest white chirpies are worn by matriarchs and widows.

The most profusely decorated chirpies are covered with floral designs executed in polychrome silk. The finest work is reserved for the lapels and the sleeve-endings. Those parts of old chirpies are often re-applied to newly made ones. Older chirpies such as this example are lined with beautiful block printed cloth.



Circa: late 19th century

Origin: Turkmenistan

Material: Silk and Cotton

Condition: Excellent condition

Dimensions: 41" X 20"

Inventory number: WR3935



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