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Syrian Striped Coat

This Syrian striped coat (yelek) was made in the 20th century out of silk with a cotton lining. It has a rectangular shape and slits up the sides for ease of movement. The coat is red and grey striped with a subtle dotted pattern in the grey stripes. The maker added blue patches under the arms and around the collar, along with contrasting stitching, which add an extra layer of visual interest to this garment.

This style of coat would likely have been worn by a Syrian woman over a sleeveless robe, dress and trousers. Similarly styled coats were made in countries throughout the region, like Albania, Egypt, and Turkey. This continuity is likely due to the influence of the Ottoman Empire.

Circa: 20th century

Origin: Syria

Material: Silk with cotton lining

Condition: Very Good

Dimensions: 54" sleeve to sleeve, 48" tall

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