Syrian KilimSyrian KilimSyrian KilimSyrian Kilim

Syrian Kilim

This type of tapestry weave is known as zok and it is named after a famous Aleppo weaver who specialized in this specific type of cotton and metallic construction. Zok weaving became well known in Syria and had an especially strong export market to Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey between the two World Wars. Zok textiles were usually used for interior upholstery, but they were sometimes used to make abas (open robes) as well.

The decoration on this striped Syrian kilim is a bird, cloud, and arrow design.  It is constructed from two panels that were sewn together lengthwise.  It features discontinuous supplementary weave for the birds.

Circa: eary 20th century

Origin: Syria

Material: cottn and metallic thread weave

Condition: excellent

Dimensions: 97" x 47"

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