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Suzani with Multiple Large Roundels

Suzanis are embroidered dowery pieces that are formed by several panels that are embroidered by the female members of the bride’s family, each embroiderer in charge of one long panel. When completed the panels are sewn together lengthwise. As each panel is worked by a different person using different colors and different handwork, the register is mostly off and colors don’t match and thus creating movement that adds to their vibrancy. Suzanis are used as bedcovers, wallhanging and other utilitarian purposes.

Suzanis can be traced to their exact origins according to their decorating style. The two different kinds of suzanis that come out of Tashkent, Uzbekistan are called “paliak” (moon design) and “gulkurpa” (flower cloth). This suzani represents the paliak type in which the entire surface is covered with dark red roundels.The circular motifs suggest fruits or blossoms derived from pre-Islamic astral imagery.

This  suzani contains large circle in the center of the field, concentric design of small serrated leaves surround the circle and two rows of smaller circles on top and bottom fill the rest of the field. Three borders, one wide and contained by two narrow ones, surround the field. They contain further more roundels.  The space between the circles is filled with dark green leaves. The effect is that of a dense pattern against which the red roundels float, as if they were open flowers in a blooming meadow. This embroidery has a sense of movement that is unusual for its generally static type of design.

Silk embroidery on cotton ground. Couching stitch and chain stitch.

Circa: 19th c.

Origin: Central Asia

Material: Silk Embroidery on Cotton

Condition: Some bleeding to the black contours. Good antique condition

Dimensions: 60" X 80"

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