Small Mao Zedong Statue

Mao Ze Dong (1893-1976) was the first leader of communist China and served as its president from 1949-1959. Memorabilia from this period of time, or the “red era” (1921-1976) is referred to as “red relics,” and are prized by collectors. While some may see these pieces as just decorative, they are seen by enthusiasts as a way to remember the past, recognize mistakes, and move forward.

This plaster statue was made in China in the 1960’s and show a mature Mao standing with clasped hands and wearing his famous army uniform.

Circa: 1960s

Origin: China

Material: Plaster

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 4" x 3" platform, 14" tall

Inventory number: DL1075



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