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Sindh Child’s Dress

Sindh, Pakistan is known for its rich embroidery traditions. This piece is a child’s dress and it is decorated using the pakko (‘solid’) embroidery style. This is characterized by its floral and leaf motifs, thickly embroidered using floss silk thread. Almost the entire yellow silk ground of the front of this dress is covered in dense red and black embroidered floral shapes. The back also has the same motifs, but they are spaced out and sparse, except for the backs of the sleeves.

The embroidery is done using a buttonhole, chain, open chain, and satin stitch. Around the edges there is black couched embroidery, being secured by white silk threads to create stripes. A silk lining has been added to the inside to stabilize.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: Pakistan

Material: Silk embroidery on silk

Condition: Some discoloration to the ground from the stenciled design, good condition

Dimensions: 22"x21.5"

Inventory number: WR4019



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