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Tunisian Silk Sash

This Tunisian silk sash was made in the 20th century. It is made out of silk with cotton lining. This sort of sash would have been worn by a Tunisan man, wrapped several times around his waist. The layers of the sash would be a convenient place for him to store his purse and other small objects, since most garments for Tunisan men at the time did not have pockets.

Silk was a popular material in urban parts of Tunsia as early as the 12th century. It was produced locally until the 19th century, when it had to be imported from the Mediterranean. Women processed these raw materials, and then men wove them on complex treadle looms in large weaving workshops.

The Victoria and Albert has several similar sashes that they purchased during the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Circa: Early 20th century

Origin: Tunisia

Material: Silk

Condition: very good

Dimensions: 10.75" x 63.25"

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