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Silk Patola

This silk patola was made in India for the Indonesian market in the 19th century. Patolas are made using a double-ikat weaving technique, which requires a high level of skill.

Ikat is a weaving method used across the globe in which warp and/or weft fibers are dyed different colors at measured intervals so that they will create a specific overall pattern when the complete textile is woven. Most ikat weaving traditions are single ikats: the warp or weft is dyed in this way, not both. Patolas, on the other hand, are made with ikat dyed warps and wefts. Patola weavers must therefore be highly skilled to ensure that both sets of threads are dyed and woven properly so the design they have planned out for the textile reveals itself in the final product.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: India for the Indonesian market

Material: silk embroidery on cotton

Condition: Some repairs and reweaves, delicate

Dimensions: 23" x 103"

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