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Silk Ikat Chapan with Undergarment

Silk ikat man’s coat from Samarkand. Better ikat textiles were made of cotton warp and silk weft ┬áthus contributing to their sturdiness, compare to all silk ikat.

This cotton and silk ikat robe has a severe geometrical design, typical of Samarkand ikats of the 1920’s and early 30’s. The appeal of the color combination is totally unexpected but undeniable. It has a front trim of velvet, embroidered with metallic thread. It also comes with its original undergarment, a cotton robe embroidered with silk in a floral design on its sleeves and a raised frilly collar.

Circa: 1920's -1930's

Origin: Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Material: Silk and Cotton

Condition: Good, some small staining

Dimensions: 52" X 80" Sleeve to Sleeve

Inventory number: WR3936



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