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Silk Block Print

Block printing involves carving the desired pattern onto a large block carving then the design is dipped in ink or dye then stamped onto the fabric. Blocks can be made from stone, but they are most commonly made from wood. A block of soft wood that is at least 2″ thick is used. The maximum size for a block is usually around 8″ X 8″. The Artisan draws or transfers the design onto the block. The designs are carved with knives and chisels. A separate block will need to be carved for each color used in a design. Most common motifs use 3-6 colors. The block is dipped lightly onto an ink tray then carefully aligned above the fabric, Once the placement is correct the block is gently set down onto the fabric and tapped to get a good ink impression. The process is then repeated until the cloth design has been completed.

Circa: 20th Century

Origin: India

Material: Silk

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: 34" X 35"

Inventory number: TX4869



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