Shouxing Wall Hanging

Shouxing is one of the essential gods of the three stars, or Sanxing,  in Chinese folk religion and astrology. Shouxing is the central figure in this wall hanging, always depicted as an old man with a bald head and warm presence. In this image, he’s accompanied by his attendant, a small deer, his staff holding the gourd filled with the elixir of life, and the peach of immortality. He is the god of longevity, and he is in control of the human lifespan.

Shouxing is also pictured in the upper left corner, with the other two deities to the right. In the center is Fuxing, the god of wealth, and in the upper right corner is Luxing, the god of status. Fuxing is usually shown wearing red court robes with a long beard and holding a ru yi, or ceremonial scepter. The scepter symbolizes power and good fortune. Luxing is typically wearing a scholar’s robe and holding a scroll. The scroll represents the importance of knowledge.

To the left and right of the main image of Shouxing, there are the eight immortals. They are a group of eight legendary figures in Chinese mythology, and are known for fighting for justice and defeating evil. Each holds a special item from which they draw their powers. On the bottom is two figures, which can be monks or attendants.

This piece is silk and metallic embroidery on silk. It is embroidered with two large figures in the center, and a border with thirteen smaller figures. The ground in the center is blank with only two bats, and the ground in the borders is embroidered with trees, flowers, and architecture.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: China

Material: Satin stitched silk on Silk

Condition: Shattered at spots but stabilized with interfacing and backing. Ready to be hung.

Dimensions: 105" x 56"

Inventory number: TX4960



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