Seychour Khorjin

Rare Seychour sumac and white cotton plain weave. The size and the different borders indicate that this was originally half of a saddle bag, or khorjin.Seychour is a subtype of the kuba rugs, made in the town of Yokhari Zeykhur in Azerbaijan, where such textiles are known for their precisely detailed compositions, saturated colors and the unique Seychour cross, which is central to their design. The sumac technique used here is a brocading method in which the wefts are wrapped around the warp, passing over four warps, under two and so on. This produces a clearly defined rectilinear pattern and, as only one set of wefts is used, they are not considered to be supplementary.

Circa: Late 19th century

Origin: Azerbaijan

Material: Wool

Condition: Minor soiling to ground, very good

Dimensions: 25" x 26"

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