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Seven Dragon Wall Hanging or Canopy

This piece is a curious textile and hard to pinpoint its origin. The dragons have five toes which means they are Chinese. The bordering brocade weave, however, looks Japanese in its construction. It is further embellished with embroidery which looks Japanese as well. All of this information leads to an assumption that it is a cross cultural piece, produced in Japan for the Chinese market.

Dragons have always dominated the imagery used in Chinese textiles and artwork. Dragons bring power, success, and good luck, and are associated with masculine energy. Since all seven dragons have five toes, this piece would have been made for or commissioned by the imperial family. Three dragons surround the pearl of wisdom in a circular shape, with four other dragons in each corner. The field is decorated with clouds, more pearls, flames, and water in the corners.

The embroidery attached to silk gauze is in a square shape, implying that it may have been used as a canopy in a tent. It is then backed with another gauze, then two layers of cotton.

Circa: 19th century

Origin: China

Material: Silk, cotton and metallic thread

Condition: Very Good, bottom border shattered and all borders reinforced in place with interfacing.

Dimensions: 73" x 78"

Inventory number: TX5016



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