Sazigyo (Buddhist Manuscript Tie)Sazigyo (Buddhist Manuscript Tie)Sazigyo (Buddhist Manuscript Tie)

Sazigyo (Buddhist Manuscript Tie)

Finger woven cotton tie used to bind Buddhist scriptures together. The Sazigyo is one aspect of the complex tradition involving the handling of Buddhist scriptures. These manuscripts were often commissioned by lay people and gifted to a monastery, in some cases in honor of a recently departed family member. The donors state their intention of reaching Nirvana, calling all beings to honor them in their deed and share its karmic merits. Some of the Sazigyo are inscribed with the name of the weaver as well as the date, and sometimes even the amount of the commission. The process of creating a Sazigyo, no longer practiced, was complicated and time consuming.

Almost 17 feet long when unraveled, this Sazigyo features six colors, Burmese script, geometric designs, animals, ritual objects. Braided end.

Circa: Late 19th Century/Early 20th Century

Origin: Burma

Material: Cotton

Condition: Good

Dimensions: 201" x 0.75"

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