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Safavid Woven Panel

This woven panel is from the Safavid dynasty (1501-1722) in Iran. During the Safavid dynasty (1501-1722) Iranian culture reached new heights as roads and bridges were constructed to increase contact with Europe and the Far East, and royal workshops  were established to produce arts and crafts of very high quality. The textile and rug production became a large part of the economy, geared toward export as well as the local market.

This curious panel was made in the 17th century, judging by the attire worn by the figures; turbans decorated  with  large feathers and long tunics secured by sashes were fashionable during that period. Pictorial hangings of that period usually feature tighter, better quality weave than this one. Still the brocading which is done in discontinuous warp is complex and time consuming.

The linear design features row of turbaned men interspersed with flowering plants topped with birds. It is backed to provide support.


Circa: 17th century

Origin: Iran

Material: Silk

Condition: Some shattering to the ground at the top, minor stains, delicate condition.

Dimensions: 75" x 36"

Inventory number: TX3993



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