Recht Hanging

Resht (or Rasht or Recht) is the largest Iranian city on the Caspian Sea. It was where these distinct textiles originated. A large hanging with figural, floral, and geometric motifs executed in felted wool patchwork technique that used embroidery and appliqué as well. These colorful textiles were made by men only, partly because they were made in the workshops of the bazaar and partly because they were made as walls for tents and tent-making was a male preserve.  Later on, the production of these extraordinary textiles moved to Isfahan, and some manufacturing made in yardage for export.

This particular panel is unusual in employing a lighter field and somewhat sparse design(at least for Recht panel). The field has a center blue medallion, and four large floral rondels flank it. There is quite a variety of birds, parrots, and peacocks among them. Three of the four borders are red, and all contain meandering floral vines.

Circa: Mid. 19th Century

Origin: Persia

Material: Wool (felted and woven with silk embroidery.

Condition: Very good condition

Dimensions: 72" X 52"

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