Ramallah Shawl

Ramallah shawls are distinct from other Palestinian shawls .They are embroidered on white or natural linen, they use zigzag called tall palm pattern as a design element, and they use a scheme of narrow long borders and wide short border.  The central field usually contains a grid where the decorating motifs are placed. Early shawls are more sparse while later shawls incorporate European design elements such as birds and flowers along the traditional Islamic elements.Hebron and Ramallah shawls also have fringed endings.

Coiled, mostly red silk thread embroidered in cross stitch, worked on two linen panels sewn together lengthwise. The color red  was the second most commonly used color for Palestinian ceremonial garments after indigo. Embroidery threads were dyed red using madder, kermes, and cochineal, in the case of this shawl, madder. Kermes and cochineal were cultivated in Palestine, though most supplies were imported.



Circa: Second half 19th c.

Origin: Palestine

Material: Silk Embroidered linen

Condition: Good antique condition

Dimensions: 77" x 32"

Inventory number: TX4785



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