Purple Silk Robe

Chinese woman s nonofficial semiformal summer robe. Calf length garment, front overflap closing to right, fastened with five loop and gilt metal ball buttons, wide sleeves, applique collar and side vents.The ground is of patterned purple silk, edgings of decorated with flowers, the wide sleevebands feature peacocks and butterflies within medallions. The yoke collar is beautifully registered with center of braided metallic thread ribbon and other silk ribbons. Embroidered sleeves are worked with polychrome silk in satin stitch and couched metallic thread.

Circa: Late 19th C.

Origin: China

Material: Silk embroidered silk

Condition: Minor stain to bottom front border and some dark stains to botton back purple, very good

Dimensions: 57"w x 43"l

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