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Pua Cloth

Iban women from Sarawak that created pua cloths were said to be at the interface of the physical and spiritual world. They saw The pattern would come to them in dreams inspired by the spirits, and when finished the cloth would be so powerful it needed borders to contain it. The pua was believed to communicate with the spirit world, and were brought out during harvests and life-cycle rituals.

This design could either be the tangga remang (a ladder of clouds) or buah berinjan (vine-like). What distinguishes the pua cloth from other Indonesian ikats is the asymmetry of the top and bottom borders, indicating that it is meant to be a wall hanging and not a garment. This large piece consists of two panels attached at the center, with the designs lining up perfectly due to the skill of the weaver.


Circa: Late 19th century

Origin: Sarawak, Borneo, Indonesia

Material: Cotton

Condition: Lightly faded spot as seen in photo, one small hole center left, very good condition

Dimensions: 72" L x 33" W

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