Phulkari with Birds and Animals

Phulkari of Hindu origins with animals, birds, human figures and other pictorial elements. The central field is divided lengthwise into three wide stripes, the central one containing diamond shapes while the outer ones contain lozenges.The figures, animals and flowers are contained within these shapes everywhere. The ground is of local cotton dyed in reddish brown and the embroidery is done with floss silk in surface darning stitch. The front shows most of the silk and since the work is done in long stitches there are large areas of shiny,reflective surface contributing to a luxurious look. The handwork is done from the reverse side so the embroiderer does not see the front while creating the design.

Circa: Early 20th century

Origin: Punjab, India or Pakistan

Material: cotton and silk

Condition: Some corrosion to black silk thread, very good

Dimensions: 92" x 55"

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