Persian Embroidery

This large scale cover is a fine example of Persian embroidery of its time.  It is made by couched coiled polychrome silks and metallic threads.  The suns along the border reference zodical symbols that have been part of Persian culture since the 12th century.  During the Safavid dynasty, the lion and sun stood for two pillars of the society, state and religion.

Within the center field there is a small medallion featuring a floral design with four flowers surrounding it. Throughout this piece there are vines that connect the corner flowers to the main one. Within the field there are four identical parrots, two of which are inverted. Within the border there are large flowers and sun-like designs with faces that are evenly spaced apart. In each of the four corners, there is a parrot that is slightly more abstracted than the ones in the main section. There is an inner and outer border of small leaves and vines.

Circa: 18th Century

Origin: Persia

Material: Velvet, silk, metallic thread, wood

Condition: Good antique condition

Dimensions: 61" x 42"

Inventory number: TX4704


This Persian Embroidery has multiple birds and sun-like faces embroidered in a light grey on a dark grey velvet ground. This is a very unique piece because of the faces that are embroidered on it.


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