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Persian Embroidered Cover

A large cover made of silk ground worked with gold and silver metallic thread and polychrome silk. The main field is dominated by a center red medallion containing flowers, peacocks and goats, all surrounding a smaller metallic center.  The wide borders are made of green silk containing undulating floral vines. All silk ground is secured with a scale-like patterned embroidery. Metallic thread fringes line the border and it is backed with blue silk edged with floral brocade.

When expensive metallic thread was used to decorate silk, it was done using a method called couching. The metallic-wrapped silk thread was laid in place, and stitched down with thin silk thread. This was done so none of the expensive thread was wasted and not seen from the front, and because it’s difficult to get the thick, stiff metallic thread through delicate silk. Working with metallic thread was usually done by men, while the silk embroidery was women’s job.


Circa: 19th century

Origin: Iran

Material: Silk ground with silk and metallic embroidery

Condition: Minor patched holes and stains to the backing. Very Good condition

Dimensions: 61" x 43"

Inventory number: TX4947



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