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Patchwork Furoshiki

The word furoshiki (furo = bath, shiki = spread) came from a bathhouse in Kyoto 600 years ago. Guests would wrap their belongings in cloths decorated with their family crests to avoid any kimonos or belongings being swapped. This trend spread to the public and became the furoshiki we see today. Furoshiki are most commonly used to wrap gifts, but they can also be used to carry groceries, packing meals, transporting fragile goods, and more.

While they are commonly made from silk, this piece is made with patches of cotton. It is secured and decorated with thick cotton embroidery.The embroidery in each corner is done with a single thread stitching.

The Japanese folk art movement highly valued pieces like this because they embodied yō no bi which means “beauty in practicality.”

Circa: 20th Century

Origin: Japan

Material: Cotton

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: Main: 44.25" x 49" Tassels: 5"

Inventory number: TX4972



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